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DUI for Prescription Drugs

DUI for Prescription Drugs

If you have ever had a medication prescription, you understand how the medication can make you feel better.  Sometimes, it may be nearly impossible to even operate in daily life without the medication. Prescription drug routines often become a way of life for patients. Many prescription drugs are mandatory and must be taken daily or even more regularly. If you have a medication that contains certain ingredients, it is always possible that you can be accused of a DUI under current Colorado laws.

DUI for Prescription Drugs Lawyer Denver If you have been charged with a DUI because of your prescription medication, make sure that you consult legal counsel who’s experienced in the nuances of a prescription drug offense.  Jeremy Rosenthal has helped numerous patients accused of driving under the influence while on their prescribed medications helping defend the rights of people in this dire circumstance.

Prescription drug ingredients

Drowsy feelings are typical of medications for a variety of different illnesses. One thing many people may not be aware of is that there are a lot of medications that contain some alcohol. Other medications may also contain products that induce a similar reaction to alcohol. Still other medications have ingredients that can be debilitating if combined with the wrong “other ingredients”.  These unintended reactions can often put a patient in danger of being under the influence.

Under the Influence

Most people believe that driving under the influence is being under the influence of drugs or other illegal narcotics while behind the wheel of a vehicle. The definition of being under the influence has changed, and now those who are under the influence of any drugs, even prescription medication can be charged with a crime if their ability to drive has been impaired. It is important that you look up possible effects of your medication and driving so you know if there’s a danger with any of your medications.

Get the Help You Need

If you have been charged with a DUI for prescription drugs, you need to seek legal help immediately. An experienced DUI lawyer is the only person who will be able to help with your defense. A person who drives while under the influence of alcohol can be vastly different than someone who simply took their prescription medication and got behind the wheel of a car.

Lenience can be exercised for those who did not knowingly break the law, or did not cause a major accident while being charged with a DUI.  Don’t try to navigate these waters alone when the downside of a poor defense can be catastrophic!

The Difference Jeremy Rosenthal Can Make

The Law Offices of Jeremy Rosenthal will be able to provide you with a defense that can help you decrease any negative effects of your DUI charge.  In some situations, Attorney Rosenthal may be able to have your case thrown out, or may be able to suggest lower criminal penalties, such as reduced fines and a record that can be wiped clean in the future.  These options are all discussions you’ll want to have with Jeremy Rosenthal during your initial free consultation.  Now is not the time to try and “go it alone”.  Pick up the phone and make your free initial consultation appointment right now!

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