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DUI Lawyer

If you’re being charged with the crime of drinking and driving (DUI or DWAI) in the state of Colorado, it’s important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you build the best possible defense for your case. Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that includes repercussions financially, professionally and personally.

Fines, court appearances, victim restitution, community service, substance abuse classes, potential incarceration and a dui lawyer in denverpermanent record are some of the variables you’ll face if you’ve been accused of driving under the influence.

Choosing an experienced Denver DUI lawyer with a successful track record of defending others in situations like yours will give you the best chance of minimizing the penalties your facing.

Do You Know Your Legal Rights?

As you might expect, many people are not fully aware of their legal rights when being charged with a criminal offense, making the assistance of an experienced Denver DUI lawyer vital. If you’re being charged with a “driving while intoxicated” offense, everyone from the police to the prosecutors are doing whatever they can to secure a conviction on your case, even if they didn’t have all the necessary evidence for the crime when you were arrested.

This is where we come in.

Working With an Experienced Denver DUI Lawyer

At the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal, our aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorneys will take the time to review every detail of your case looking for any abuse or injustice that might have occurred.

TIPS FROM OUR DUI ATTORNEYS:  We recommend that you record any details that you remember from your arrest while they are still fresh in your mind so that you can share the event as accurately as possible during your initial consultation.

This record of events as you experienced them can greatly assist the process of defending you.

If retained as  your defense team, our DUI lawyers will immediately begin defending your rights and freedoms through all available legal channels. Variables like witness testimonials, roadway conditions, other drivers’ behavior and the way you were processed for the offense will be scrutinized while building your defense.

Any error or mistake that was made will be discovered and if found, may be the key to lighter sentencing or potentially having the entire case thrown out.

Fighting for Your Rights

Attorney Rosenthal has defended well over 1,000 people accused of DUI offenses in the Colorado courts. This experience with the applicable state laws, the penalties assessed and the personalities within the various Colorado court systems means he knows how to make a case for reduced penalties including possible alternatives to incarceration.

If a plea is the best alternative because the state’s case is strong, he can work with the District Attorney to provide the best arrangement possible for your needs.  If a trial is the best chance for a favorable outcome, Jeremy Rosenthal’s recognition as a top trial lawyer in Colorado will bring you confidence that justice will ultimately be served.

Why Take Chances With Your Freedom?

Building your case with the assistance of a DUI lawyer means you’ll be completely aware of the circumstances you’re facing, the penalties that may (or may not) be assessed as well as the strategies used to build your defense.

Without the assistance of an experienced DUI lawyer, you’ll be leaving your freedom in the hands of the Colorado court system. The DA’s office and judge will determine, in whatever way they see fit, whether or not to apply jail time and for how long, if alcohol treatment is applicable, the number of community service hours to include, the appropriate fines and penalties to apply as well as the length of any probationary monitoring you’ll undergo.

Which path sounds most likely to work out in your favor?

Get Legal Help Now If  You Face Criminal Charges in Colorado

Standing as the accused in a criminal courtroom is stressful for anyone. With a seasoned criminal defense attorney at your side, you’ll enter court prepared to fight for your freedom rather than just accepting whatever the courts deem as fair treatment.

If you’re being charged with driving under the influence you really should consult with a criminal defense attorney who knows Colorado DUI laws as soon as possible. Don’t take a chance with your future! Contact us today and let us help.