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Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Denver motorcycle riders have the same rights to the roads and highways of Colorado as the drivers of other vehicles, even if it doesn’t always seem that way.  Motorcyclists are often overlooked by careless drivers and, as such, can be involved in devastating accidents that result in a lifetime of recovery.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, in many ways, you’re lucky to be alive.  Unlike modern automobiles, motorcycles lack advanced safety features like seat belts and air bags leaving their riders exposed and vulnerable in even a minor accident.

Compounding the severity of accidents involving motorcyclists is the fact that most often it’s the other driver who is at fault for failing to see the motorcyclist at all.  This type of negligence is all too common in accidents involving motorcycles.

If you are a motorcyclist who’s been involved in a vehicle accident, you have rights!

denver motorcylce injury attorneyContact us today for a free evaluation of your case’s specifics and the best legal defense strategy to recover the full compensation you deserve!

Road hazards, weather, and motorcycle defects can also play a greater part in a motorcycle accidents than with other vehicles.  Choosing an experienced motorcycle accident attorney like Jeremy Rosenthal can make all the difference when the insurance companies get involved.  They’ll try every trick they can to deny you the just compensation you deserve and only experienced legal strategies will help counter their moves.

Don’t Deal With the Insurance Companies Alone!

In fact, Jeremy Rosenthal started his legal career representing insurance companies’ interests so there’s no better Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney to have on your side since he already knows the ways they are likely to try and minimize your claim’s validity!


Contact a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer and get help now

Colorado No Fault Insurance is mandatory for motor vehicles, but not for motorcycles. For that reason, many victims of motorcycle accidents do not have this coverage, which would provide medical and wage loss benefits. As a result, the victims of motorcycle collision injuries are limited to what they can collect by making an “at-fault driver claim.” Accordingly, it is especially important to contact an attorney following a motorcycle injury.