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  Making a bad ...
Jeremy Rosenthal was very knowledgeable about the subject...
by Jason H on 03/24/2014
  Very professional ...
Jeremy Rosenthal is very good to work with. He has an...
by Jose A on 03/14/2014
  Very professional ...
Jeremy Rosenthal is very good to work with. He has an...
by Jose A on 03/14/2014
  Smooth process, I ...
This law firm was easy to deal with, they answered my...
by Jon R on 03/03/2014
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Personal Injury Attorney in Denver, CO

img-6Jeremy Rosenthal is an experienced personal injury attorney in the Denver. CO area who is committed to getting you the result you deserve if you’ve been hurt in an accident. A graduate of the University of Colorado Law School, Attorney Rosenthal helped numerous Colorado residents recover the compensation they deserve including out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, lost wages, property damage, permanent disability and pain & suffering. If you have been:

In a car accident
Hurt on the Job
Hit on your bicycle
Bitten by a dog
Injured in a slip and fall
Involved in a wrongful death
Injured in any other manner…

…you need to seek legal advice!  Initial consultations at the Law Office of Jeremy Rosenthal are free so contact us today to find out the next steps you should take for your legal claim.

About Jeremy Rosenthal

img-81Jeremy Rosenthal has been representing personal injury claims in the state Colorado for over 12 years. Areas of expertise include car accidents, workplace injury claims, dog bites, wrongful death, premises injuries and DUI. Attorney Rosenthal previously spent time working as a litigator on behalf of the insurance companies so he’s very aware of the processes they’ll use to diminish your injury claim.

If you’ve been hurt by the negligence of another, there’s no stronger advocate to have on your side than Attorney Jeremy Rosenthal.

Jeremy Rosenthal is a member of a great variety of professional associations here in Colorado including Colorado Trial Lawyer’s Association, Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, American Association for Justice and People and many more.

Car Accident Lawyer

img-2Denver resident’s experience hundreds of car accidents every year. During this chaotic time most people want to focus on recovery rather then dealing with troublesome insurance companies and other financial aspects that can put a significant burden on your life. It is for this reason that Jeremy Rosenthal, Denver car accident attorney, is here to help you! He will work on your case to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.
In order to do so it is vital that you take all the necessary steps right from the beginning. Jeremy Rosenthal has worked on countless cases and knows everything that needs to be done in order to get you the best out come.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

img-5Bicycle injuries often can be very devastating due to the vulnerability of the bicyclist. Bicycle accidents happen more often then people realize. Bicyclist are hard to see on the road and can often result in an accident by motorists who are not paying attention to their surroundings. If you have been injured as a result of careless driving while biking it is imperative that you contact the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal.
Jeremy Rosenthal is versed on all the regulations for riders and can get you the money you deserve for your accident. Injuries from bicycle accidents can result in very expensive life long conditions. Do not let your injury continue to hurt your wallet as well. Start your claim from the beginning the right way by contacting Jeremy Rosenthal!

Wrongful Death Attorney

img-1Death is a very tragic and delicate part of life.  There are so many emotions and difficulties that come with losing a loved one. The last thing you want to worry about in this grieving process is getting compensation for their death.  It is for this reason that many individuals do not receive the proper compensation they should for a wrongful death that occurs.
You want to focus on the things that really matter at that moment. Unfortunately, for cases involving such a magnitude as death, it is important that you address this issue at the very beginning of the process in order to get what you deserve. Waiting or taking the wrong steps may cause you to lose significant financial compensation.

Personal Injury Lawyer

img-3Being hurt due to the negligence or oversight of another is a trying experience. Medical bills, time from work, physical disabilities as well as pain and anguish are common to anyone whose been injured.  The full recovery process if often a long road and is a challenging one to win without proper legal representation.  When an injury occurs, it is important you see a medical professional first and that you record as much data as possible about the event.  Fill out incident reports, accident reports, police reports, take photos and personally record any details you can remember about the event.

Then seek legal representation to protect your rights and the rights of those you love.  Contact Jeremy Rosenthal today about your case and receive an evaluation of your legal prospects – all for free.